Yoshitoshi Taiso

"Shinsen Azuma Nishiki-e" A new selection of Eastern brocade pictures

"Otomi Yosaburobanashi"

The story of Otomi and Yosaburo. Otomi, formerly the lover of a gangster chief near Edo, falls in love with Yosaburo, a theater musician, who is passing through town. Shown are Yosaburo in a blue kimono and his partner Komori-Yasu, in front of the inn Genyadana, whose ownder they are planning to blackmail. Tomi is inside.

Signature Yoshitoshi
Publisher Tsunashima Kamekichi
Seal Yoshitoshi
Date dated Meiji 18 = 1885
Category Yoshitoshi
Format 2 oban diptych
Size 47,8 cm x 35,8 cm
Impression fine
Color fine
Condition fine, 1. edition
artwork ID: 35702
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