Yoshitoshi Taiso

"Tsuki hyakushi" One hundred aspects of the moon

Takakura Moon - Hasebe Nobutsura
During a dispute over the sucession of the emperor in 1180 Prince Mochihito received word that soldiers were on their way to his home. Here, watched by his faithful retainer, Hasebe Nobutsura, he escapes with another supporter, disguised in women's travelling costumes.
Signature Yoshitoshi
Publisher Akiyama Buemon
Seal Taiso
Date 8 / 1886
Category Archive
Format oban
Size 23,9 cm x 34,9 cm
Impression excellent/mint, first edition, impressive woodgrain
Color excellent/mint
Condition very good, margins trimmed, minimally dirty, slight transfer satin in the midle, unbacked
Literature Stevenson, Yoshitoshi' s one hundred aspects of the moon , no. 36
artwork ID: 9193
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