Yoshitoshi Taiso

"Tsuki hyakushi" One hundred aspects of the moon

Ishiyama Moon
Murasaki Shikibu sits contemplatively at the temple of Ishiyama at Lake Biwa. It is said that this is where, about 1000 years ago, she wrote her great epic "Genji monogatari", or "The Tale of Prince Genji", the world's first novel.
Signature Yoshitoshi
Publisher Akiyama Buemon
Seal Taiso
Date 10.10.1889
Category Archive
Format oban
Size 24,1 cm x 34,7 cm
Impression very good
Color very good
Condition very good, slightly dirty, margins slightly trimmed, light waterstains and dirt in the margins, unbacked
Literature Stevenson, Yoshitoshi' s one hundred aspects of the moon , no. 71
artwork ID: 5819
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