Yoshitoshi Taiso

"Tsuki hyakushi" One hundred aspects of the moon

Gojo Bridge Moon
Ushiwakamaru (aka. Minamoto no Yoshitsune) caught in mid jump during his battle with Benkei on Gojo Bridge.
Benkei admitted defeat and became Yoshitsune's loyal follower. Yoshitsune became a great hero of the 12th century war with the Taira.
Signature Yoshitoshi
Publisher Akiyama Buemon
Seal Taiso
Date 13.04.1888
Category Archive
Format oban
Size 24,3 cm x 34,7 cm
Impression very good
Color very good
Condition very good, margins slightly trimmed, light waterstains and dirt in the margins, unbacked
Literature Stevenson, Yoshitoshi' s one hundred aspects of the moon , no. 61
artwork ID: 5809
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