Yoshitoshi Taiso

"Tsuki hyakushi" One hundred aspects of the moon

Cassia Tree Moon
A Chinese legend tells of Wu Gang who used his magical Daoist powers for evil. As punishment the gods condemned him to spend eternity chopping down the 8 giant cassia trees on the moon (which instantly grow back).
Signature Yoshitoshi
Publisher Akiyama Buemon
Seal Taiso
Date 3 / 1886
Category Archive
Format oban
Size 24,2 cm x 34,6 cm
Impression good
Color good
Condition good, margins slightly trimmed, light waterstains and dirt in the margins, red transfer in the middle, some small stains, unbacked
Literature Stevenson, Yoshitoshi' s one hundred aspects of the moon , no. 26
artwork ID: 5734
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