Hiroshige Utagawa

"Tokaido gojusan tsugi no uchi" The 53 stations of Tokaido

"Sakanoshita, Fudesute-mine"
Sakanoshita, the brush-throwing peak
The view of a teahouse and, above a fog-filled gorge, the peak of Fudesute no mine.
The tradition says, that the famous painter Kano Motonobu (1477-1559) had thrown away his brush, when he realized that it was impossible to paint this tremendous view.
Signature Hiroshige ga
Publisher Hoeido
Date 07/1855
Category Archive
Format oban
Size 24,4 cm x 36 cm
Impression very good
Color very good
Condition very good, slightly dirty around the margins,, faint centerfold
Literature Yoneda and Walter, Ando Hiroshige: Gojusan Meisho Zu-e, Ansichten berühmter Orte der 53 Stationen , Galerie Tsuruya , Germering , Germany 1981
artwork ID: 8784
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