Yoshitoshi Taiso

"Shinsen Azuma Nishiki-e" A new selection of Eastern brocade pictures

"Otomi Yosaburobanashi"
The story of Otomi and Yosaburo. Otomi, formerly the lover of a gangster chief near Edo, is fallen in love with Yosaburo, a theater musician who is passing through town. Shown are Yosaburo in a blue kimono and his partner Komori-Yasu, in front of the inn Genyadana, whose owner they want to blackmail. Otomi is inside.
One of Yoshitoshi's most wellknown prints.
Signature Yoshitoshi
Publisher Tsunashima Kamekichi
Seal Yoshitoshi
Date 1885
Category Archive
Format 2 oban diptych
Size 47,9 cm x 36,2 cm
Impression fine, first edition
Color fine
Condition very good, slightly trimmed around the corners, albumbacking
Literature Keyes, Roger and Kuwayama, G., The Bizarre Imagery of Yoshitoshi , Los Angeles , USA 1980 , no. 30
Literature Segi, Shinichi, Yoshitoshi-The Splendid Decadent , Kodansha , Tokyo,New York and San Francisco , Japan / USA 1985 , pg. 102, no. 110
artwork ID: 8060
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