Chikanobu Toyohara

"Setsu-gekka" Snow, Moon and Flowers

"Kishu. Hidaka-gawa no tsuki. Kiyohime"
The moon on the Hidaka-gawa river in Kishu province.
Kiyohime changes into a serpent at the Hidaka river, as her passionate love for Anchin, a monk of the Dojoji temple became hopeless.
Above the bell of Dojoji temple which Anchin was hiding from her. As a serpent coiled around the bell it melted and killed them both.
Signature Yoshu Chikanobu hitsu
Publisher Kobayashi Tetsujiro
Seal Toshidama
Date 1885
Category Archive
Format oban
Size 23,8 cm x 36,5 cm
Impression fine, lacquerprinting, mica
Color fine
Condition fine, small wormholes in the margins, slight spot in the sea
artwork ID: 8973
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