Hiroshige Utagawa

"Roku-ju-yosshu meisho zue" Pictures of Famous Places in the Sixty-odd Provinces

"Shinano Sarashina Tagota no Tsuki Kyodaisan"
Mountain landscape wiith steeply climbing slopes and massif, terraced to cultivate rice. The full moon is reflected multiple times in the flooded fields.
Signature Hiroshige ga
Publisher Koshihei
Date dated 1853
Category Archive
Format oban
Size 24,4 cm x 36,2 cm
Impression very good
Color very good
Condition very good, binding holes in the left margin
Literature Tamba Tsuneo, The Art of Hiroshige , Asahi shinbun , Tokyo , no. 362
Literature Suzuki, J. and J. Okubo, Hiroshige - Payages Celebres des soixante Provinces du Japan , Hanzan , Paris , France 1988 , no. 25
artwork ID: 7704
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