Kunichika Toyohara

Kabuki-e Theatre print

Actor Ichikawa Sadanji I as Marubashi Chuya in the Kabuki-play "Hana Shobu Keian Jikki", performed at the Shintomi-za theatre in 07/1883
(in the dog besides is an unknown actor who looks through a net at the throat - reminds of the legend of the Troian Horse)
Signature Oju Toyohara Kunichika hitsu
Publisher Eikichi
Seal Kunichika
Date Meiji 16 = 1883
Category Archive
Format 3 oban triptych
Size 73,8 cm x 37 cm
Impression fine
Color fine
Condition very good, small repairs in the right sheet along the left margin, 3 small repaired pinholes as well as right bottom corner, 0,3x1,2cm hole at left margin repaired (all in right sheet )
artwork ID: 9081
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