Kunisada Utagawa

Kabuki-e Theatre print

from left to right:
actors as Matsuomaru, Takebe Genzo
and Nyobo (wife) Chiyoi
in the play "Sugawara Denju Tenarai Kagama"
(The secret of Sugawara`s calligraphy)
performed at the Nakamura-za on july 13, 1850
and at the Ichimura-za on july 10, 1850
Signature Kochoro/Ichiyosai Toyokuni ga
Publisher Wakasa-ya Yoichi
Seal Toshidama
Date 1850
Category Archive
Format 3 oban triptych
Size 75,8 cm x 36,2 cm
Impression excellent/mint
Color excellent/mint
Condition fine, left and center sheet slightly dirty along the right side margins
artwork ID: 8802
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