Hiroshige Utagawa

"Edo Meisho Hyakkei" 100 Famous Views of Edo

"Sumida gawa, Suijin-no-mori, Masaki"
Sujin Grove and Masaki at the Sumida River
Signature Hiroshige ga
Publisher Uoya Eikichi
Date dated 1856
Category Archive
Format oban
Size 23,8 cm x 36 cm
Impression very good, eraly edition as no bokashi is missing, the cartouche is printed in the first ed. in two colors
Color very good, somewhat faded
Condition very good, margins slightly trimmed, bottom margin somewhat destroyed
Literature Smith, H.D. II / A. Poster, Hiroshige, One Hundred Famous Views of Edo , George Braziller, Inc. , New York , USA 1986 , 0-8076-1143-7 , no. 35
artwork ID: 9225
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